Finger Food 

For your friendly or business gatherings

*Smoked ham,  with Honey     and mustard dressing 



*Button mushrooms stuffed with   tomato sauce 

•Semi soft Cheese drizzled with fig   jam 

•Haloumi in Pitta bread with rocket and tomatoes 

• Gravlax Salmon Roulade 

• Parmesan, Pesto & Rocket Roulad 

•Vegetable Crudities selection ( Cherry Tomatoes / Cucumber / Carrot sticks / Celery sticks ) 

•Sushi Rolls ( Rainbow ) Soy Sauce 

• Sashimi Salmon with Soy Sauce sauce 

• Sushi Rolls ( Tempura Rolls ) Soy Sauce 

•Sushi Rolls ( California Rolls ) Soy Sauce 

• Prosciutto Bread Sticks 

•Grated Haloumi spread in flat pitta bread filled with rocket and tomato sauce 

•Prawn crackers 

Warm Menu

•Tempura cheese balls served with balsamic cocktail sauce 


•Haloumocroqouttes served with mint yogurt sauce 

•Tuna kefte served with sweet chill sauce 

•Keftedes served with basil yoghurt sauce 

•Salt & Pepper Calamari p.portion

•Mini Seftalia with tomatoes salad on the side with pita bread. 

•Chicken Fajitas in tortilla pastry with avocado & sour cream 

• Mini Pork Pancetta served in Ciabata bread 

• Halloumi Cheese 

•Pineapple chili Calamari p.portion

• Duck rolls with leeks, cucumber and hoi sin sauce 


•Slow cooked Pork Belly slider

with blue cheese coleslaw and bourbon sauce.

• BBQ chicken wings 

•Mild spicy chicken wings without flour, served with blue cheese dip 

• Shrimp Samoza with ginger mayonnaise 

• Chicken strips mingled with pineapple & chili sauce stuffed in tortilla pastry 

• Crispy Vegetable spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce 

• Dim Sum ( Crystal Shrimp dumplings) 

• Fresh Lamb Chops 

• Mini Marinated Chicken Kebab pitta (Tomato) on the side 

•Dim Sum ( Steamed Barbecue Pork Buns) p.p

•Skewers  8psc Pork Kebab

• Mini Homemade Burger (Caramelised Onions|Ghergins) on the side 

•Duck Gyoza served with hoisin sauce 

•Mini Pork Kebab in pitta (Tomato|Parsley) on the side 

• Wild Forest Slider: Australian beef patties napped with berry compote and mushroom liver pate.

Brad wurst Hot Dog with caramelized onions 

•Home made potato skins with smoked cheese and sour cream 

•Mini Focaccia Bread with melted cheese, Prosciutto and baby rocket

Mini homemade Fish Burgers served with tartare sauce(Tomato slices|Onion Rings|Gherkins) 

• Wasabi Prawns with mango salsa 

•Greek Pitta bread ( Gyros Style ) filled with pan fried chicken, peppers and melted cheese 

•Ketchup & Mayonnaise


•Home Made Chicken Nuggets - Ketchup & Mayonnaise 

• Mini Hot Dogs - Ketchup & Mayonnaise 

• Mini Homemade Burger (Tomato slices|Onion Rings|Gherkins) on the side 


• Mini Pork Kebab pitta 

• Fresh Fried Potato 


• Mini Nutella Chocolate Brownies 

• Mini Baked Oreo Cheese cake 

• Mini Baked Cheese cake 


• Mini Swiss Roll 

• Mini Lebanese Mahalebi 

• Mini Espresso cream 

• Seasonal Fruit Stick 



• Nutella Chocolate Cake

• Baked Cheese Cake

• Oreo Cheese Cake

• Espresso Coffee Cream

• Anarokrema with Honey

• Apple Pie

• Fig Pie ( Seasonality )

• Swiss Roll filled with Strawberry’s or Figs ( Seasonality )

• Halva with sweet dry fruits

• Lebanese Mahalepi with sweet dry fruits


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